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"Traction control is in your right hand, not in a black box under your seat."
-Aaron Stevenson, Chief Instructor of Cornerspin and Cornerspeed

Click here to read the Roadracing World article where Aaron was
interviewed by Michael Gougis about throttle control.

During the 1980’s, “King Kenny” (3 time world champion Kenny Roberts) began training up and coming riders on XR100 mini-bikes to improve and enhance the rider’s skills using bikes just like ours (mini-bikes that have less than 10hp). Riders such as Wayne Rainey (3 time world champion), Eddie Lawson (4 time world champion), John Kosinski (2 time world champion) have all utilized this valuable training even while competing at the world championship level. This not much talked about training has been used and is still used by current riders such as the Hayden brothers, the Bostrom brothers, Colin Edwards, Tony Elias and yes, even Valentino Rossi! How do you think all of these guys learned to slide a bike so well? The drills and techniques we use translate directly to all types of riding and all areas of riding: balance, throttle control, body positioning, traction, weight bias, peg weighting, vision and references, just to name a few points. All of these elements combine to make you a better rider no matter what type of riding you do. Street riders will find that they have a greater sense of awareness of their skills and improvement in their riding. Racers will find that and much much more. The training we do at Cornerspin™ is not new but new to most riders. Call it the best kept secret of the pros.

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Read about Aaron's month-long epic ADV trip with his 11-year-old son Micah, as featured in American Motorcyclist.

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American Motorcyclist Magazine August 2013 Cover Story
Big People Learn Mad Skills at Cornerspin
Cross Training at Cornerspin

Student Bob Burns shares his experience.
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Marc Marquez - Indy MotoGP Teleconference on August 12th, 2013
(excerpt from

Q. I know that you've been training with dirt track bikes, something that a lot of American riders would be interested in. Why are you using dirt track methods to train?

MARC MARQUEZ: You know, when I was younger, I like it so much and I enjoy it a lot. I'm already with 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 years old, I did many laps on this track bike. And then, you know, in Spain, in America, it's more popular the dirt track but here in Spain, not so much.

But now this season, I say, OK, I want to start again with the dirt track, because I like it and I enjoy it. And then you feel the bike a little bit different, because you're going on the bike, you're going in the corner so fast, and then you need to stop, pick up the bike and go. It's more or less like in what you use in MotoGP.

Also, the attention in corner, you need to control the slide and you need to control gas, and basically, I think it's quite good because then you feel a little bit different, and also the reason maybe is because I enjoy it a lot.

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Jorge Lorenzo gets mini-bike training from King Kenny - read the article here.

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Cornerspeed vs. Cornerspin:

Aaron explains the differences between the two schools. Recorded at the 2011 IMS Washington DC.







Benefits of Mini-Bike Training

Aaron explains the benefits of mini-bike training
at the Washington, DC IMS Show









Cornerspin: Roadracing in the Dirt


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