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"Cross Training at Cornerspin" by Cornerspin student Bob Burns. Cover Story published in American Motorcyclist, August 2013 issue.
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"Marc Marquez Grilled by Media in Indy MotoGP Telenconference" on 8/12/13.
Marc Marquez speaks about the benefits of training in the dirt and how it's "more or less like what you use in MotoGP"...and how much FUN it is!
*While this article is not about Cornerspin, it highlights the importance of mini-bike training.
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Former Marine and Cornerspin student Nate Jennings writes to the AMA Editorial Department with his letter published in American Motorcyclist, January 2012 issue.
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"Slidin' and Cryin'" by Arthur Treff on 9/28/11. Arthur clarifies the misconception that Cornerspin is a dirt bike school - he shows it's truly "Road Racing in the Dirt."
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"Crashing in the Wet - Nothing the Haul-Ass Hickman Club Can't Cure" by Dean Adams on Jorge Lorenzo gets mini-bike training from King Kenny. 1/17/11.
*While this article is not about Cornerspin, it highlights the importance of mini-bike training.

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"Racer's Edge" by Chris "Hollywood" Cooke. Hollywood writes about his experience as a student at Cornerspin. Since his school, he has continued training at Cornerspin and has now begun instructing with us. Article courtesy of Iron Horse Magazine. Jan. 2011.
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"Taking it to the track, Dirt-Style" by Tony Lisanti on 2/16/10.
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"Cornerspin: Getting Roadracing Dirty" by Jeremiah Knupp on 12/30/09.
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"I rode motocross and enduro for almost 10 years in northern Scandinavia growing up. I didn't get into roadracing until a few years ago. After having done a few track days here and there, and going through other roadracing schools, I was pleasantly humbled by the professionalism and level of instruction of the Cornerspeed / Cornerspin instructors. I even put some of the skills I aquired from attending the Cornerspin course last September to good use; In late January while riding on one of the small North Carolina backroads not far from my house, I found myself staring at a deer in the middle of the lane after a blind apex in a decresing radius turn. With few options and without thinking, I was able to avoid a certain collision. I'd like to think it was from the repeated maneuvers practiced at the Cornerspin course." Michael L. (May 2012)

"Cornerspin is worth the time and travel, one of the "got to go to" courses for motorcyclists. The course provides the rider with "more tools for his toolbox" and helps develop better bike handling, control, and confidence. Thanks to everyone at Cornerspin for a great learning experience." Paul G. (June 2011)

"Dear Aaron, I am writing to thank you for the wonderful instruction I received at your Cornerspin program. You see, I recently purchased a BMW GS and have had the opportunity to enjoy riding it on the fireroads and trails of the Jefferson National Forest. The skills you taught me on those tiny XR100's have translated beautifully to my much larger BMW GS. While riding, I often find myself thinking "screwdriver, screwdriver!" and I quickly adjust my riding position to maximise control of my bike! Losing traction and having the rear end slide around a bit is no long an ulcer inducing experience! I cannot recommend this course any more enthusiastically!" Eddy A. (May 2011)

"I would recommend [Cornerspin] to riders of any level. The low consequences environment allowed me to ride more aggressively than I would have at a road school. The skills apply to any kind of riding." Dave L. (April 2011)

"[Cornerspin] was a hoot. I had a ball and learned some real good fundamentals that I am sure will help when I am street riding. At 64 years old I thought this was crazy..... but I had a blast. Shook the cobwebs out of this old man and I felt great afterwards." Kent S. (April 2011)

"Cornerspin was, in a word, transformational. It has been two months since I attended, and my overall riding skill and confidence has improved dramatically. I ride a R1200GS, which is a big bike with a high center of gravity. Before Cornerspin, I was considering selling it because I felt like it was "too much bike" for me. I would avoid precision maneuvers as much as possible because of my lack of confidence (or one might call it fear). Two months after Cornerspin, here are the things I notice most about how my riding has changed:

No anxiety in parking lots!
I relish the opportunity to u-turn
I see farther down the road
The rear brake is my best friend during slow speed maneuvers
I\'m always looking at my destination when turning, head up.
I rarely fixate on objects, and if I do, I\'m able to adjust quickly
Turning the bike is a snap, and I find myself experimenting with body position during turns
I have a burning desire to get on the track.
I love my R1200GS again

Thanks Aaron and all of the instructors!" Matt A. (August 2010)

"I really appreciated the riding advice you & your staff gave me throughout the weekend. I think I improved over the course of the weekend & was given an understanding of some of the dynamics behind it all to continue to improve on my own. You have something very unique within the industry with regards as to how you relate the dirt experience to the asphalt. The current format was very low key & relaxing almost, fun… & free from the lack of pressure. I enjoyed the road course formats vs the oval flat track format maybe because I was more comfortable with it or maybe it was the fact I think the road course is more applicable to my needs or it may be just my ADD kickin in LOL. I look forward to coming up & training with you again this summer." Rick C. (April, 2010)

"I'm a huge fan of Cornerspin; I preach the merits of it to all of the guys at the track who ask how to progress to the next level. Dollar for dollar, best investment I've ever made out of any of the schooling/instruction programs I worked with." Ryan P. (July 2, 2009)

"Hi Aaron,

I want to thank you and your staff for providing such a terrific learning experience! I appreciate the degree of attention that I received as well as the helpful input. I feel that you have managed to put together a fine program that works, and will only improve over time. It's obvious to me that a considerable investment of thought, desire and effort has gone in to making Cornerspin what it is. You certainly do a first-rate job yourself and you have surrounded yourself with some fine instructors, each making their unique contribution.

I hopped on my bike Monday to run some errands and realized right away that I now have new insights and a very different perspective on how I ride and handle my machine. I could have kept riding for years and not learned what was shown me at Cornerspin! I now have some new tools in my kit! Of course I need to practice and discover how these new skills can become a lasting part of my riding repertoire.

I may have mentioned it before, but I wish to reiterate that I consider the money, time and effort that I expended for this experience a real bargain when compared to any accessory or modification that I might have made to my bike. My advise to any rider seeking to improve their performance is that they should invest in building their skills first, wear decent protective gear and worry about a hot bike later!

I think that there is a potential for you to find a good many students among the dual sport community. I will certainly encourage those that I know to consider it.

I hope to see all of you again and I wish you the best in your endeavors. Please forward this to your instructors." David R. (Feb. 11, 2009)

"Thanks for putting together an amazing class Aaron! I had a ton of fun and I learned quite a lot about how to pilot my bike around the track. It will be a while before I get to try the new techniques on the track, but it definitely opened my eyes.

From having no prior dirt experience, I felt very comfortable with the drills and skill building exercises that led up to the end result of being able to slide the bike at will (almost) to navigate the course. I appreciate your hard work in putting the whole program together, and I can tell you put a lot of effort into planning the curriculum and course layout. You also have a knack for communicating the complex techniques involved by breaking them down and using good analogies. I will definitely be working on my screwdriver hands and elbows up!

Another unexpected benefit from the class was the transfer of knowledge from the other students and the great stories. Having only been in the racing scene for two events, I enjoyed being around others who share my same passion for the sport and have the same dedication to perfecting their craft.

I'm looking forward to a great race season, and I feel this weekend gives me an advantage on all the other amateurs that have not been through your school. Hope you have a great holiday, and I'll see you next year!" Justin C. (Dec. 8, 2008)

Hi Aaron;
It's been a month since my great 2-day weekend at your school (November 17 & 18) and it's taken me this long to reflect on the training, the instructors and the experience. First and above all I have to tell you that the one-on-one teaching, the quality of the teachers and the teaching was really second to none (I'm not just talking about motorcycle schools, I'm talking about high school, college, etc.). The instructors were great. Patient, knowledgeable , so helpful, so generous. Really extraordinary. The actual riding was great. So much fun and so interesting to translate classwork into action! You could see results and improvements immediately. I can't wait to try your techniques at the track. I thought your insights, your knowledge and the attention to detail (even with something as seemingly innocuous as keeping the tracks hydrated and level) - the excitement and enthusiasm you bring to the class is what brings it all together. Indeed, it is clearly your love of the sport that shines through in every minute of every day of that class. I can't wait to sign up for Cornerspeed. All the best, Hunter M.

"I've now done both the American Supercamp and Cornerspin. While they are similar in content for body position, they vary greatly from there. Cornerspin is tailored to the all round rider with a huge emphasis making this work for the road/track. They go into great detail of how all of these new skills transfer to asphalt. This school is for anyone that wants to improve their skills but I like that the instructors readily relate the information to road. Other differences: Supercamp focuses on flat track and is taught indoors. Just being outdoors at Cornerspin and having over 20 different tracks to ride is a big selling point to me. I enjoyed both schools and will quickly recommend both but being a track day guy, I would have to go with Cornerspin first if I were going to do it all over again." William M.

"Anyone that is serious about road racing, track riding or just wanting to really up their skills should do this school." David L.

I wanted to give you some feedback on the Cornerspin school. I took the school last February, which was my first time ever intentionally riding in the dirt. Due to work, money, and a cracked SV frame, I wasn't able to attend a roadrace until mid July. I was riding the exact same bike (2002 SV650 in supersport trim. The difference from last year was pretty immediate. I ended up winning the supersport race, and getting thirds in the Formula 2 and solo20 races (still in SS trim). Two weekends later at Roebling (which included a 2nd place finish on a drenched track on DOT's) I confirmed that it wasn't just one good weekend. Regardless of results, I have been most happy with my increased comfort on the bike. Thinking back, I haven't made any huge changes in my riding style. Instead, I've been able to make a few slight changes, such as more attention to peg weighting, that have made a big difference. I keep coming back to just feeling more comfortable on the bike. My reactions are beginning to do the correct things when the bike starts to slide. I also bought a XR100 to keep myself up to speed. Please keep me informed whenever you guys are going to open up the track to graduates again. Thanks for everything," Stephen L.

Another update, I managed to finish off my season with a second in the lightweight twins supersport novice race at the WERA GNFs at Road Atlanta. The only time I was off the podium during my last three race weekends was when I crashed out of a 30+ second lead on the third lap of a wet race at Barber. Thanks a bunch for all your help. Now, it's on to the expert ranks for me. The worst part (for me) is, now some of my friends and competitors want to take the school after they heard me talk about it and saw my improvement on track." Stephen L.

"I wish there would have been this type of school available to me when I first started racing. It would have saved me a lot of broken bones. . .and lots of dollars." Scott Harwell, 14 time national champion, former Suzuki Pro rider.








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