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How is this school different than other schools taught in the dirt?
This school is for all types of riders with the emphasis on how these skills learned on dirt apply to bike control on asphalt (race bike, sport bike, cruiser, motard, dual-sport).

We call it a "Road Racing School Taught On Dirt" because the highest levels of skill to control a sliding a motorcycle on asphalt begin in the dirt. This is why Cornerspin is not a "dirt bike" school.

We are practicing skills to be used in all types of riding but especially road riding and road racing. Our staff of instructors are road racers with dirt skills and flat trackers with road racing skills. We are using flat track and motard riding techniques with drills that apply directly to road riding and road racing. We explain how control in the dirt applies to asphalt control and how you can incorporate these new skills in your riding. Our drills are set up to enhance your overall motorcycle skills no matter what discipline or facet you enjoy. Our facility is set up to simulate many road and track conditions; hairpins, camber changes, elevation changes, fast transitions, decreasing and expanding radius turns; all of these elements combine to challenge even the best riders.
I've never ridden a dirt bike. Can I take the course?
Yes. Cornerspin is NOT a dirt bike school. It is a road racing school taught in the dirt. Many of our students had never ridden a dirt bike before the Cornerspin school and completed the course with as good if not better results than fellow students that came with dirt bike experience.
I know how to ride a dirt bike. Why should I take this course?
Because you are not going to be "dirt bike riding". This is unlike anything you've done before unless you have a background in Supermoto racing or Flat track racing. And still, it will be different because everything we do and everything we discuss relates to road racing and road riding. We are providing you as safe a place as possible to ride beyond the limits of traction, to ride beyond your limits as a racer/rider, to learn the highest level of control that isn't possible to do on asphalt without dire consequences for your mistakes. Here is where you can work on the concepts and practical application of what you've seen done in MotoGP, SBK and AMA Superbike.
Do I have to be a racer or intend on racing to take this class?
Absolutely not. The majority of our students just want to be better riders. What you learn in class with Cornerspin will make you a better, safer rider on the street as well as on the track. This class will help you no matter what type of riding you do. All riders find that they are more relaxed and more confident in all conditions where traction is affected after attending a class with Cornerspin.
Where is Cornerspin located?
Located in the heart of racing, Cornerspin is 1 hour from Charlotte, 20 minutes from Lowes Motor Speedway and 30 minutes from Greensboro. Our facility is located in central North Carolina near the town of Spencer, North Carolina, less than one mile from Interstate 85 (Exit 81). There are many North Carolina attractions in the immediate area. Major airports are: Charlotte Douglas International (1 hour away) and Greensboro (30 minutes away). Another way to look at it: the Cornerspin training facility is conveniently located halfway between the metropolitan areas of Atlanta and Washington D.C.

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Cornerspin's preferred hotel is Comfort Suites in Salisbury. Click HERE for more information!

Who are my instructors?
INSTRUCTORS MAY VARY FROM SCHOOL TO SCHOOL. The main staff is: Aaron Stevenson (Cornerspeed and Cornerspin Chief Instructor) and Michael Dillon (Pro flat tracker and Expert road racer). Also on the roster: Multi-disciplined Expert Racers: Steve "XXX" Broadstreet, Phillip Doyle, Brent Mercer, Pete Moravek, Jean Robitaille, and Multi-national 125GP champion Brian Kcraget.
How much is the Cornerspin School?

The school is two days (usually Saturday and Sunday). Registration Fee includes the use of a Cornerspin bike, two days of instruction, lunches, water bottle, snacks, t-shirt and photos. If you bring your own bike, it must meet the tech requirements which you will find on the registration form.

New Student Fee $620.00
Returning Student Fee $450.00
Military Discount = $50.00

We also have rental gear available for your use - please CLICK HERE for the rental form.

How do I sign up?
Visit our registration page for online registration or printable registration forms.
Will I be able to come back and practice my new skills?

Yes, Cornerspin Graduates are able to come back and re-take the full school for only $450.00 (bike included). Graduates will be on a waiting list until one week before the school - at this time we will confirm with the graduates if they have a space. This is so first time students can receive a spot if the event sells out

How does Cornerspin compare to Cornerspeed's Level 2?
Cornerspin has replaced Level 2 Cornerspeed as of 2009. (Level 2 Cornerspeed has been replaced by the Pro-Rider Workshop.) What you are able to do at Cornerspin is ride beyond your limit and the bike's limit. If you attempt to ride beyond your limit on your sportbike on asphalt at high speeds, the consequences can be devastating. In this environment, you have the opportunity to go beyond your normal limits to explore traction, weight transfer, peg weighting, braking and throttle inputs when in any other environment such as a high speed road course or public mountain road would not be prudent or safe. At Cornerspin, you can practice manipulating the chassis and handling through sliding the bike, pushing the front end and using body english (weight transfer) to actively change what you and the bike are doing. This type of training makes you one with the bike. That's why it has been used for 30 years by top pros and is still the training of choice by top riders. It may come across as a marketing ploy but honestly, if you do Cornerspin first and THEN do a Pro-Rider Workshop, the Workshop will make much more sense to you and you'll have a much better understanding of what we are trying to get you to do with your sportbike. As one top pro rider (multi-national champion) told Aaron when talking about Cornerspin; "I wish there would have been this type of school available to me when I first started racing. It would have saved me a lot of broken bones....and dollars."








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