Cornerspin ADV - Adventure Bike Training

The Cornerspin ADV course is designed for the Beginning to Intermediate Adventure Rider (ADV). This unique approach to learning big bore ADV bike control begins by improving your skillset on a smaller, lighter, more controllable motorcycle. 

As an ADV student at Cornerspin, you’ll be presented with unique challenges from Beginner to Advanced/Expert Level. And you can learn at your pace. The day starts on CRF100 and CRF150 bikes equipped with dual-sport tires (No Knobbies) to emulate similar grip as your big bike. 

We will demonstrate and teach you how to do the skill on a small dirt bike before you attempt it on your big bore ADV machine. This unique approach allows you to build confidence and skill as your step up to greater challenges on your full size machine. 

A simple drill such as turning your ADV bike inside cones will pay huge dividends with real world application when we move to the practical section (see video). In the “real world” section, you’ll first practice on the small bike then do the skill on your large bike. What begins as a very intimidating challenge becomes more relaxed and easier when first learning on the smaller lighter machine. If at any time the challenge seems to be too great on your large ADV bike, return to the 150cc Cornerspin bike and practice the skill until you’re comfortable and ready. This allows you to return to your bike, more confident and ready to complete the challenge. 

At the end of each day, you’ll be riding woods loops with hill traverses, creek crossings and tight switch backs. These will be graded Beginner to Expert. There will always be an alternate route should the challenge prove too difficult. Ultimately, this is about building your skillset and your confidence in the safest environment possible. 

Build skill. Build confidence. Take these skills with you on your next adventure.

Partial list of skill building challenges:

-Body Position / Seated & Standing
-Riding minimum radius circles while standing
-Step ups / Step downs
-Hill climbing and descending
-Mud Sand Gravel / Traction changes
-Standing & Seated position riding / when & how
-Sub-walking speed clutch usage / balance
-Drop offs
-Rut riding
-Picking up a large bike
-Turning around on a tight trail 


You must provide your own large displacement ADV bike.
No additional prerequisite is required.


Aaron Stevenson
CEO Cornerspin/Cornerspeed
Chief Instructor
Racing Coach
MotoFit Coach

Charles Lucht (Co-Instructor)
2015 1st Place BMW GS Troph
2016 Member of Team USA BMW GS Trophy (Thailand)
ADV Instructor
ADV Rally Competitor
Solo BDR Rider









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